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Genetics and Genomics


Phenotype of golden zebrafish. Lateral views of adult wild-type (A) and golden (B) zebrafish. Insets show melanophores (arrow- heads). Scale bars, 5 mm (inset, 0.5 mm). golb1 mutants have melanophores that are, on av- erage, smaller, more pale, and transparent. Transmission electron micrographs of skin mel- anophore from 55-hpf wild-type (C and E) and golb1 (D and F) larvae. golb1 skin melanophores (arrowheads show edges) are thinner and con- tain fewer melanosomes than do those of wild type. Melanosomes of golb1 larvae are fewer in number, smaller, less-pigmented, and irregular compared with wild type. Scale bars in (C) and (D), 1000 nm; in (E) and (F), 200 nm.  (Cheng KC. SLC24A5, a putative cation exchanger, affects pigmentation in zebrafish and humans. Science. 2005 Dec 16; 310(5755):1782-6.)

Images provided by Cheng Lab.

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