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Graduate Alumni

2012 Graduates

Name Degree Thesis Title Advisor(s) Current Position
Jialing Bao Ph.D. Meprin Metalloproteases Modulate Epithelial Barrier Integrity and Monocyte Migration Judith S. Bond, Ph.D. Postdoc; Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
James D. Bortner, Jr. Ph.D. Proteins as Biomarkers for Tobacco-Induced Lung Cancer Development and Chemoprevention Karam E. El-Bayoumy, Ph.D.Arunangshu Das, Ph.D Postdoc; Penn State College of Medicine
Sanjita A. Chakraborty Ph.D. Construction and Characterization of a Minichromosome Reporter System to Study Structure-Function Relationship Between Gene Silencing and Chromatin Boundaries in S.Cerevisiae Sergei A. Grigoryev, Ph.D. Postdoc, EMBO Germany
Kenneth R. Houser M.S. Anti-inflammatory Effects of Methoxyphenolic Compounds on Human Airway Cells Faoud T. Ishmael, M.D., Ph.D. Lab Manager and Researcher; Penn State College of Medicine, Biochemistry
Timothy R. Keiffer Ph.D. Meprin Metalloproteases Cleave and Bio-Inactivate Interleukin-6 Judith S. Bond, Ph.D. Postdoc; Louisiana State University, Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Ji Qi Ph.D. Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Human Meprin Alpha David Mu, Ph.D. Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania
Alanna N. Roff M.S. Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Human Meprin Alpha Faoud T. Ishmael, M.D., Ph.D. Human Research Technologist V; Penn State College of Medicine
Sarah J. (Correll) Tash Ph.D. Molecular and Structural Determinants of Chromatin Folding Sergei A. Grigoryev, Ph.D. Postdoc; Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

2011 Graduates

Name Degree Thesis Title Advisor(s) Current Position
Nicole D. Facompre Ph.D. Organoselenium-Mediated Alteration of Prostate Cancer Cell Signaling Pathways Karam E. El-Bayoumy, Ph.D.Raghu Sinha, Ph.D. Postdoc; UPenn
Katie E. Prothero Ph.D. Identification of a CTCF-Independent Insulator that Delimits X-Inactivated from Expressed Transcripts within the UBA1 Gene Laura Carrel, Ph.D. Scientist; Gene Dx
Brian R. Tash Ph.D. Biophysical Characterization of Tight Junction Proteins John M. Flanagan, Ph.D. Postdoc; UPenn

2010 Graduates

Name Degree Thesis Title Advisor(s) Current Position
Daniel De Cotiis M.D./Ph.D. From Protein to Signalplex: The Role of Calcium Binding and Myristoylation in Neuronal Calcium Senor-1 Structure and Function John M. Flanagan, Ph.D.. New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center; Surgery
Sarah J.B. Grambling Ph.D. Genomic Instabiity-Indicated Mechanisms of Early Carcinogenesis Following Hepatocarcinogen Treatment Gary A. Clawson, M.D., Ph.D. Database Specialist; Penn State College of Medicine
Kimberly D. Jacob Ph.D. The Role of Non-Replicative DNA Polymerases in Microsatellite Mutagensis Kristin A. Eckert, Ph.D. Postdoc
Nan Li Ph.D. Escape from X Chromosome Inactivation is an Intrinsic Property of Mouse Jaridic Locus Laura Carrel, Ph.D. N/A
Shorena Nadaraia-Hoke Ph.D. Structural and Thermodynamic Characterization of Spermidine and Spermine Systhases John M. Flanagan, Ph.D... Postdoc; Penn State College of Medicine
Sandeep N. Shah Ph.D. Microsatellites as Inducers of Genome Instability Kristin A. Eckert, Ph.D. Postdoc; Johns Hopkins University
Karen A. Stauffer Ph.D. CIS-Acting Sequences Involved in Targeting TRM1P-II to the Inner Nuclear Membrane in S. Ceravisiae Anita K. Hopper, Ph.D. Senior Medical Writer; Wolters Kluwer Pharma Solutions
Raghu Tadagavadi Ph.D. Dendrictic Cells and Interleukin-10 in Nephrotoxic Acute Kidney Injury Judith S. Bond, Ph.D. Division of Nephrology; Penn State College of Medicine
Georgia K. Thomas Ph.D. A Molecular and Systems Biology Analysis of Complex Vertebrate Phenotypes Keith C. Cheng, M.D., Ph.D. M.D. Program; Syracuse University

2008 Graduates

Name Degree Thesis Title Advisor(s) Current Position
Sanjita Banerjee Ph.D. Meprin Metalloproteases Modulate Intestinal Host Response Judith S. Bond, Ph.D. N/A
Heather K. Basehore Ph.D. Characterization of the Early Interactions on the Folding Pathway of the Ileal Lipid-Binding Protein by 19F-NMR Ira J. Ropson, Ph.D. Department of Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center; Coatesville PA
Matthew Blome Ph.D. Binding of Ricin to BSA-based Neoglycoconjuates Cara-Lynne Schengrund, Ph.D. Scientist; Therapeutic Proteins International, LLC
Mark J. Chandy M.D./Ph.D. Histone Modifications Influence Chromatin Modifying and Remodeling Complexes James E. Hopper, Ph.D Medicine/Oncology; University of British Columbia
Nicole R. Keasay Ph.D. Characterization of the Tryptophan Transporter Tat2p During Volatile Anesthetic Exposure of Yeast Ralph L. Keil, Ph.D.. Scientist; vivoPharm
Kimberly A. Petro Ph.D. Lipid Rafts: Regulation of Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype A Activity and Differentiation of Neuroblastoma Cells Cara-Lynne Schengrund, Ph.D. Field Applications Scientist; Bio-Rad Laboratories
Yan Yan M.S. The Function of Lysochardiolipin Acyltransferase (ALCAT1) in Controlling Mice Energy Homeostasis Kristin A. Eckert, Ph.D. N/A

2007 Graduates

Name Degree Thesis Title Advisor(s) Current Position
Yaroslava Bulynko Ph.D. Role of Cysteine Protease Cathepsin L in Maintenance of Epigenetic Histone Modifications and Constitutive Heterochromatin Sergei A. Grigoryev, Ph.D. N/A
Cuong Diep Ph.D. Analysis of the yeast Gal3 protein, a key component of the GAL gene transcription switch James E. Hopper, Ph.D Assistant Professor; Dept of Biology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Rebecca Hurto Ph.D. Synthetic Genetic Analysis of los1 Uncovers Connection Between Pi Availabiilty and tRNA Nucleus-Cytosol Distribution Anita K. Hopper, Ph.D. Research Associate; Dept of Molecular Genetics, The Ohio State University

2006 Graduates

Name Degree Thesis Title Advisor(s) Current Position
Athulaprabha Murthi Ph.D. Targeting to the Inner Nuclear Membrane: Roles for N-Acetylation & the ER Anita K. Hopper, Ph.D. Director; IndiaBioscience
Hussam Hisham Shaheen Ph.D. tRNA Comes Full Circle: Unveiling a tRNA Nuclear Import Pathway Anita K. Hopper, Ph.D. Scientist; Merck Sharp & Dohme
Subarna Hamid M.D./Ph.D. Chemotherapeutics and DNA Polymerase Beta Mechanism of Modified Nucleotide Discrimination Kristin A. Eckert, Ph.D. Radiation Oncologist; Tufts Medical Center