Penn State Hershey University Fitness Center

Free Classes

UFC members may take these classes on a walk-in basis.  Neither registration nor payment is required.  These classes are intended to offer a variety of fitness workouts at the beginner to intermediate level.  Those who want to participate at a more demanding pace may do so at their own discretion as long as they do so without disrupting the intent of the class.

  • Ballet Barre: Get the look of a dancer with ballet based moves and postures.  This class will utilize light weights, small motions, and a person’s body weight to sculpt inner and outer thighs, abs, chest, arms, and back.  No dance experience needed.
  • Boot Camp: Military inspired moves will provide a total body work out.  All exercises will be provided with several modifications to accommodate a range of participant abilities.  All fitness levels are welcome!
  • Cardio Cycling: Ride may include hills, jumps, flat roads, and a possible sprint to the finish line
  • Cardio Freestyle: Mixed hi-lo and athletic sport style
  • Fitness YogaThis is a flowing athletic yoga-style fitness workout
  • High Intensity Interval Training: High intensity and rest intervals using studio equipment
  • Muscle MovesCalisthenics and studio weight training for overall conditioning.  The last part of class may focus on stability and balance work.
  • Power Mix: Mid-tempo, lower impact cardio, step and total body conditioning.
  • Silver Chair Yoga: Chair yoga is a modification that makes yoga more accessible to all ages, ability levels, and situations.  We’ll be practicing basic breathing techniques and gentle stretches in this yoga style class.  Use this class as a gentle start to your day, or wind down from a more strenuous workout.
  • Silver Cycle: Tailored toward the needs of our older, but still active members looking to reap all of the benefits that cycling offers.  The instructor will spend time setting members up on the bike, reviewing form and positions on the bike.
  • Zumba®:  What workout?  Join the dance party!  Lorena’s class tends to be higher impact and quicker pace.