Penn State Hershey University Fitness Center

Free Classes

UFC members may take these classes on a walk-in basis.  Neither registration nor payment is required.  These classes are intended to offer a variety of fitness workouts at the beginner to intermediate level.  Those who want to participate at a more demanding pace may do so at their own discretion as long as they do so without disrupting the intent of the class.

Cardio Classes:

  • Cardio Cycling: Ride may include hills, jumps, flat roads, and a possible sprint to the finish line
  • Cardio Freestyle: Mixed hi-lo and athletic sport style
  • Cardio Mix: Best of both worlds with 20 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of resistance and mat work
  • Step+: Start your weekend off on the right foot! Join Lauren for heart pumping, high energy Step, plus a dash of core work at the end.
  • TurboKick: Kickboxing
  • Zumba:  Classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats for a high energy dance party
  • Zumba with Linda: Lower impact, great intensity, and fun! Be kinder to your joints and spine in this class.

Strength Classes:

  • High Intensity Interval Training: High intensity and rest intervals using studio equipment
  • Interval Training: Tabata style workout with short, intense intervals to maximize conditioning in minimal time
  • Muscle Moves:  Calisthenics and studio weight training for overall conditioning.  The last part of class may focus on stability and balance work.

Mind & Body Classes:

  • Fitness Yoga:  This is a flowing athletic yoga-style fitness workout
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