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meditation-lernen-yoga-praxisEasing Anxiety with Yoga

Is anxiety preventing you from fully enjoying your life?

This special yoga and meditation class can help you feel better!  If you have a diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder and are under the care of a physician or counselor, you are welcome to join us!

We meet in eight weekly classes; sessions run on regular intervals throughout the year.  This is a calming mind-body approach to learning relaxation skills you can use for a lifetime.  Each class will include breathing techniques, yoga exercises, deep relaxation, and meditation.  No experience is necessary.  Class is non-competitive and you are expected to do only what you can.  Because this is a complement to your usual medical care or talk therapy, we encourage you to stay in touch with your medical provider.

Benefits of Easing Anxiety with Yoga:

  • Balance the sympathetic-parasympathetic nervous systems
  • Increase vagal tone
  • Improve calming neurotransmitter levels (GABA)
  • Gain skill for self-regulation
  • We aim for improvements in physical tension, mood, sleep, and self-efficacy
  • You will learn skills that can last a lifetime

A referral from your medical care provider is required.  For more information about the program or referral process contact Deborah Tregea, program coordinator, at (717)531-7076, or fax at (717)531-3868.

  • Thursdays: 6:30 – 7:45 PM
  • January 5 – February 23 (*Update as of 1/4: Class start date has been moved back to January 12)
  • April 6 – May 25
  • $135 Paid in Advance, $140 Paid Day of
  • Instructor: Dan Coma
*The yoga therapy components of this class are based on an IAYT accredited program, not derived from the instructor’s status as RYT with Yoga Alliance

fit mature woman yoga pose on beachKundalini Yoga with Dan

Awaken the body, mind, and spirit in this challenging, fun, and nurturing class.  Rather than achieving a “perfect” posture, focus on achieving the correct alignment for your body, being present with the breath, and finding a calm vitality.  This class will help develop flexibility, strength, lung capacity, and stress tolerance.  Learn breathing techniques to give mastery over moods, daytime energy, and a peaceful night’s sleep.

Meditation is an integral part of Kundalini Yoga.  Research shows that Kundalini techniques are especially effective in affecting the brain in a positive way, by improving memory and cognition, awakening awareness, lifting your mood, and assisting the healing process.  Kundalini Yoga meditations can bring fast, powerful, and positive change.

This class is suitable for beginners or experienced students.

  • Mondays: 6:30 – 7:45 PM
  • January 9 – February 27
  • April 3 – May 22
  • $75 Paid in Advance, $80 Paid Day of
  • Instructor: Dan Coma
  • Online Registration