Penn State Hershey University Fitness Center

Tactical Hapkido & Systema


Based on Tactical Hapkido and Systema, the concepts taught in this program are focused on application in real life, “street” self-defense scenarios.  Effectiveness is based on technique, not on size or strength.  It is well suited for, but not restricted to, the general population wanting to develop self-defense skills, individuals 12 and older, elderly, women, and persons with disabilities.

Students may join with us at any time and study short term to acquire exceptionally effective self-defense skills, or with a longer commitment may be able to progress thorough Black Belt in 2 forms of Hapkido.

  • Wednesdays: 7:00 – 8:30 PM
  • $15/Class
  • *Please note since this class is Pay-As-You-Go our Try Before You Buy option is not available for this class
  • Instructor: Ian Castaneira (Ian’s Strategic Defense Academy is an official Tactical Hapkido Alliance Charter School/Dojang)