Penn State Hershey University Fitness Center

Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing

Fitness center new photos 2013_281The UFC offers complete fitness testing.  The fitness testing may include but not be limited to: body composition testing, body weight and girth measurements, muscular strength and endurance testing, flexibility testing, and cardiovascular capacity.

A complete fitness assessment is used to assess current fitness levels relative to age and gender, help establish future goals, aid in development of an exercise program, identifying areas of health risks, and also to evaluate progress from participating in an exercise program.

The frequency for follow-up testing can depend on various factors.  The recommended follow-up time would be 12 weeks after starting a training program while the minimum would be four weeks.

Fitness Testing at the UFC is available to all members and the $75 fee includes a comprehensive evaluation report for comparing the results gathered to previous or future tests.  All new UFC Personal Training clients are required to complete a Fitness Testing evaluation prior to beginning training.



Body Composition Analysis

This test, Fitness center new photos 2013_257which is included in the complete Fitness Testing evaluation, is also offered as a standalone service.  The UFC Exercise Physiologist will use a Lange skinfold caliper to determine your body composition. The UFC uses a three site method. For men this includes the chest, upper back, and triceps, while for women this includes the triceps, abdomen, and hip.

This service is free for UFC members.  Non-members may take advantage of the Body Composition Analysis service for $10.

Before your Fitness Testing or Body Composition Analysis appointment:

  • Nothing to eat two hours prior to your appointment time
  • No caffeinated beverages prior to appointment
  • No strenuous activity prior to appointment
  • Please wear appropriate clothing

To learn more about Body Mass Index, please visit the Penn State Hershey Health Information Library.