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Susan Wert   (Video Essay)  Filmmakers: Caitlyn Moss and Alexa Swailes (Length: 10:40)

Susan Axe   (Video Essay)  Filmmakers: Andrew Matrick and Peter DeMuth (Length: 10:38)

Gail Yother   (Video Essay)  Filmmakers: Johan Latorre and Brooke Whitco  (Length: 10:51)

Frank Lentini   (Video Essay)  Filmmakers: Mark Nakhla and Mike Nakhla (Length: 11:13)



Spring 2013    Penn State College of Medicine
Donald Smay   (Video Essay)  Filmmakers: Holly Boyle and Joe Andrie (Length: 11:20)

Joan Thompson  (Video Essay)  Filmmakers: Corinne Landis and Scott Paradise (Length: 10:02)

Don Farrell  (Photo Essay)   Filmmakers: Arissa Torrie and Brian Kinsman (Length: 9:57)

Thomas Bitting  (Photo Essay)   Filmmakers: Ian Blubaugh and Amy Du (Length: 10:04)


Spring 2012 Penn State College of Medicine
Theresa Norman   Filmmakers: Zachary Landis and Elizabeth Brigham (Length: 10:21)

Mr Baker   Filmmakers: Christopher Kalmar and Catherine Nicka (Length: 9:41)

Matthew Gingrich   Filmmakers: Nicholas Sgrignoli and Kathryn Cantore (Length: 11:07)

John Donahue   Filmmakers: Colleen Sabella and Ali Khaku (Length: 10:39)


Spring 2011  Penn State College of Medicine
Mary Dewey   Filmmakers: Alan Bordon and Caroline LaRosa Length: 10:28
Mary Dewey, an accomplished hospital administrator lets us into her life as she lives fully with multiple sclerosis. Articulate and compelling, Ms. Dewey shares the emotional and physical challenges of the disease as well as its impact on her family. She is seen in clinic, at home, exercising, and cheering for her daughter at a competitive swim meet.

Spring, 2011 Penn State College of Medicine
Celia Kreamer    Filmmakers: Elyse Pagerly and Michael Perone Length: 8:52
Celia Kreamer is a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer when she did not have health insurance. She was cared for Hershey Medical Center who treated her on a program that covered her treatment. She tearfully explains the experience. She also shares what it was like to cope with the illness, including how she explained the cancer diagnosis to her children.

Spring 2011 Penn State College of Medicine
Bob Soto   Filmmakers: Christine Saseun and Travis Ludwig Length: 10:08
In this stirring film, Mrs. and Mr. Soto, age 52, describe what their lives have been like since Mr. Soto started displaying symptoms of early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. A former State Trooper, Mr. Soto started having memory issues at the age of 42 and was eventually diagnosed by the age of 47. In the film his profound losses are evident as are the strength of his wife who has had to dedicate considerable resources to looking after him.

Winter 2009 Penn State College of Medicine
Darlene Binkley and Family   Filmmakers: Elizabeth Haas, Carrie Hossler, and Amisha Parikh MS IV   Length: 10:33Darlene Binkley is a woman with metastatic ovarian cancer who worked at the Reese’s factory in Hershey Pennsylvania for 35 years. She emotionally and clearly describes the challenges of her illness as do her family.

Spring 2008 University of Arizona
Scott Ash and Family   Filmmakers: Thaddeus Smith and AJ Langa MS I   Length: 8:54
Scott Ash is a 27 year old man with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (he’s on a trach). Despite being confined to chairs and beds, Scott leads an active life – he is also a prankster. He describes his many interests and is seen out with a friend. In the film his mother speaks frankly about her initial depression when he was first diagnosed, and the progression.

Spring 2007 University of Arizona
Dirk Douglas and Friend   Filmmakers: Angeline Sawicki and Allison Foster MS II   Length: 10:39
Dirk Douglas is a young man with AIDS who articulately describes his diagnosis, his challenges and victories with adherence, and his near brush with death. The film also shows his interactions with a number of health professionals at a “medical home” where he’s treated – -where a number of health professionals all work with Dirk in the same office.

Spring 2007 University of Arizona
Norma Landman and Family   Filmmakers: Elizabeth Gobble and Mansi Sarihan   Length: 8:32
Norma Landman is a retired administrative secretary who has been living with metastatic breast cancer for over eight years. The film is particularly notable for how Norma talks about anger, and “why me” and how she understands those emotions but decided to “get on with it.”

Spring 2007 University of Arizona
Jeri Ogden Filmmakers: Rachel Riopel and Kevin Yarbrough MS 1   Length: 8:54
Jeri Ogden was in a significant motor vehicle accident 25 years ago in which her daughter was killed and she was put into a several month coma. While her speech and ambulation are still impacted the film shows how she has arranged her home so that ambulation is easy, and her spirit – undaunted. The filmmakers follow her to work where she volunteers at the Audubon society. She is also seen doing yoga. Jeri personifies the notion that just because a person is disabled doesn’t mean they can’t contribute. This is a key lesson for medical students whom, as physicians, will often set expectations for patients.

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