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Infants and Children

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Spring 2014
Cooper Bryson:
Video Filmmakers: Evelyn Song and Eric Li (length: 11:08)



Spring 2013   
Chevy Hockenberry (Video Essay)  Filmmakers: Leah Bess and Spencer Johnson (Length: 10:27)

Noah Moore (Photo Essay) Filmmakers: Trevor Halle and Lisa Passamore Beyers (Length: 10:18)


Spring 2012   
Bella Rinier   Filmmakers: LeAnn Denlinger and Marcus Magister


Spring 2011  
Jessica Oser    Alex Falvo and Alex Burton Length: 10:33
When this film was made, Jessica Oser was a nine year-old diagnosed with juvenile onset diabetes. Her father also has diabetes and in this film she explains what the diagnosis was like and how she manages the illness. She is seen managing her pump and interacting with her twin sister.

Spring 2011  Penn State College of Medicine
Armando Zink   Filmmakers: Yuri Gordin and Sara Roberts Length: 11:09
Born to a drug-addicted mother, Armando was adopted by Rose and Charlene Zink, a mother-daughter dynamic duo. They provide round-the-clock care for Armando who is at home, dependent on a ventilator due to developmental issues and neuro-muscular weaknesses. The duo have a unique perspective on the work they do especially how they communicate and express love even for profoundly delayed children and babies. Students may benefit especially from learning how parents can come to understand their delayed children’s likes and dislikes, as well as moods and desires. The film also shows the caregivers changing Armando’s tracheotomy.

Spring 2011 Penn State College of Medicine
Donovan Kann   Filmmakers: Kyle Lewis and Juliette Mandel    Length:10:02

A happy-go-lucky eight-year old child who has a genetic disorder called Tuberous Sclerosis. Donovan also has a seizure disorder , he is autistic and is delayed in speech and learning abilities.

Spring 2010 Penn State College of Medicine
Adisyn Cavey Family  Filmmakers: Andy Hulme and Julie Hull MSI   Length 10:39
This is a powerful film that takes an intimate look at a young couple who have a child with a neuromuscular disease characterized by the degeneration of her motor neurons – as she approaches and then reaches her 2nd birthday – an incredible milestone. This is a chronic and profound disorder that will take the child’s life.

The film captures the complex and profound ways the disorder has impacted the family’s lives – and starts with the couple just taking Adisyn home from the hospital – and everything required to get into a vehicle. Also covered are the husband losing his job because he needs to be out to care for Adisyn and their other child – and the complex adherence issues. The couple also had to decide if Adisyn should be on a vent during the making of the film.

Spring 2008 University of Arizona
Karlee Miller Family  Filmmakers: Hannah McLeod and Steven Lee Pike MS II   Length: 9:39
This film follows seven year old Karlee Miller who has a cancerous sarcoma and needs to have one of her legs amputated. The emotional and financial impact of the illness as well as some of her rehabilitation and integration back to school are presented. Karlee is interviewed extensively in this brief film.

Spring 2008 University of Arizona
Rene Blanchard Family   Filmmakers: Emily Predergrast and Angela Valdez, MSII   Length 7:29
Renee Blanchard is an 8 year old child with Down’s Syndrome and Cystic Fibrosis as well as reflux and hyperthyroidism, as well as dumping syndrome. Her challenging course, which started from birth is described, as is the diagnosis and co-morbidities of her illnesses. Interviews with her parents and physicians and observations of Renee playing are all evident.

Spring 2008 University of Arizona
Frankie Ruiz Family   Filmmakers: Juan Hernandez, Tiffany Davis, Heather Spellman MSII   Length 9:31
Frankie is an 19 month old with VACTERL Association, a multi-organ disease. His mother has quit working to take care of him. Frankie has a trach – the film is extraordinary for showing the emotional, financial and logistical challenges of this ailment. The equipment in the home, and a number of innovations are shown – at one point, Frankie’s mother changes Frankie’s trach – she sings “the wheels on the bus go round and round” so that Frankie can tell how long he will have to wait, air hungry, for the tube to be put back in.

Spring 2007 University of Arizona
Dan and Jon Vogel Family   Filmmakers: Gabe Sarah and Nehal Shah, MSII   Length: 8:17
Daniel and Jonathan Vogel are both children with juvenile onset diabetes, or Type 1 diabetes. The film is important because it illustrates a number of complex issues including how mom got her sons to take shots repeatedly, how the eldest son felt badly about himself because global ratings of his diabetes sugars changed, and for how poor the children’s access to physicians was. In addition, the eldest son shows how he manages his diabetes by testing his own sugars. Both parents are interviewed and they talk about how they split up required tasks including arguing with insurance companies and getting up to get the children to check sugars at night.
Notably, one of the filmmakers, Nehal Shah, died soon after the making of this film. The film represents some of her last work in medical school.

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