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Medical Student Publications

At students’ request, the fourth-year Humanities selective “Putting It Into Words: A Right-Brain Retrospective of Formative Moments in Medical School” is offered each fall for soon-to-be residents who wish to process their medical experience through reflection and creative writing. The course functions as a workshop in which participants’ creative writings in a variety of genres (e.g., personal reflection essay, imagist poem, haiku, free verse poem, flash fiction, “Medicine and the Arts” commentary) are collectively critiqued and then submitted for publication in professional medical journals.


Publications resulting from the course include the following:

Leather Bottle Stomach,” by Elisabeth Hyde, M.D.: Annals of Internal Medicine’s “Ad Libitum” (2011)

Through My Mask,” by Elisabeth Hyde, M.D.: Academic Medicine’s “Teaching and Learning Moments” (forthcoming).

Therapeutic Triptych,” by Jesse Gutnick, M.D.: JAMA’s 301 “Poetry and Medicine” (11 March 2009): 1002

“Monkey See-Monkey Don’t,” by Dan DeCotiis: Academic Medicine 85:5 (Aug 2010):1383.

 “The Procedure,” by Seth Ilgenfritz: The Pharos (Spring 2010):48.

Kyle J. Tobler, Peter G. Napolitano, and Philip K. Wilson, “Frequency of Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, and Tobacco Use Articles in Women’s Magazines from 1987 to 2003,” Journal of Cancer Education 24 (2009): 1-4.

THE FORUM – Student Newsletter created by Medical Students

The Forum Newsletter Winter 2010
The Forum Newsletter Spring 2010

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