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Spring 2014

Dottie Bell  (Video Essay)  Filmmakers: Christine Clark and Adeline Melvin   (Length: 9:53)

Virginia Craig  (Video Essay)  Filmmakers: Ashu Bhatnagar and Hong Loan Nguyen   (Length: 9:53)


Spring 2013  

Jim Sheely  (Video Essay)  Filmmakers: Stephanie Buchman and Kevin Moser   (Length: 9:46)

Marian Boltz (Photo Essay)  Filmmakers: Ilene Tsui and Aaron Cantor   (Length: 9:45)


Spring 2010   Penn State College of Medicine
Josephine Larsen   Filmmakers: Jaqueline McLatchy & Eric Vargas MSI   Length: 8:31
This film is important for how it portrays the full living of a woman with a number of severe and life shortening conditions including CML. The film also has one excellent moment about 6:40 into the film – Ms. Larsen gives excellent advice to young physicians.

Spring 2008   University of Arizona
Peggy Bomersbach   Filmmakers: Mandy Oliden and Michelle Aguillar   Length: 8:25
Peggy, now well into her 70’s has had rheumatoid arthritis since she was a child. She is a spirited and direct person. Roughly 6:40 into the film Peggy gives advice about pain and medications and the elderly. The film is notable for how it portrays someone living fully with serious chronic pain. She explains how she carefully doles out her medications and her splurges, when she wants to hike in the mountains.

Spring 2008   University of Arizona
Sharon Kha, family and friends    Filmmakers: Rachel Cabrera and Aileen Lo, MSII   Length: 7:32
Sharon Kha is a retired crisis spokesperson with the University of Arizona who has Parkinson’s Disease. She eloquently describes her symptoms (flat expressions, but no trembling) and the impact of the illness, as do many of her friends who have known her for years. She is on a (dopamine) medication that she fears will work less and less well the longer she uses it, so she parses her use of the medication. She describes her decisions about medications, driving, and her view of the future.

Spring 2008   University of Arizona
Jann Irvine   Filmmakers: Eric Ovalle and Ali Rhein   Length: 7:08
Janne Irvine is a blind woman who shows her facility and high level of activity through the film. A highly educated woman who is a talented cook and accomplished pianist, she demonstrates for viewers how she accomplishes many tasks.

Summer 2009   Penn State College of Medicine
Robert “Blanky” Blankenhorn and Family   Filmmaker: Diana Tacelosky MSIV   Length: 7:25
In this amazing film, Blanky and his daughter tell their story. Blanky is living with ALS. Their remarkable adjustment to his illness are witnessed including his eating, dressing and transportation. Meanwhile he is spirited and reveals his charisma with a few well chosen jokes. The filmmaker also followed Blanky to a clinic visit and interviewed the family over numerous occasions. The film is also a good example of a medical home in that viewers can see the Blanky and his daughter interacting with numerous medical professionals in the same office.

Spring 2011 Penn State College of Medicine
Virginia Buettner    Filmmakers: Chloe Wang and Josh Burkhardt Length: 8:40
Virginia Buettner has a rare motor neuron disease called primary lateral sclerosis characterized by spasticity. This variant of ALS unusual. This film is remarkable because it was shot over three years by two different teams of filmmakers. In this film you can see how her symptoms improved over time with a treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. The film also shows how she navigates her environment and the excitement of her team.

David Hess   Filmmakers: Lindsay Smith and Christopher Weber   Length: 10:08
David Hess is a 55 year-old man who has a genetic disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which has effected the strength of his blood vessels, causing aortic aneurysms. Through his struggles with this disorder he has discovered what is really important in his life.

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