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Documentary Films Created by First Year Medical Students

Please join our first-year medical students as they present their Patients as Teachers Documentary Films
April 30, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. in Lecture Room B

Refreshments served. Everyone is welcome to attend. No preregistration required. For more information please call: (717)531-8778


LESSONS LEARNED: Students Discuss the lessons they learned from their patients.

Frank Lentini lives with the debilitating side effects of Hemophilia
Filmmakers:  Mike Nakhla and Mark Nakhla

Emily Shifflet: Living with Rhett Syndrome
Filmmakers: Ashkan Morim and Hayk Stepanyan

Nancy Ehrlich discusses a fall she suffered several years ago which left her paralyzed.
Filmmakers: Marc Breton and Wendy To

Dotty Bell deals with many different medical issues. She teaches us how her religious beliefs help her deal with her constant pain and life struggles.
Filmmakers: Christine Clark and Adeline Melvin

Click here for the catalog of  2014 Video Slam Mediasite presentations.

Some films created in past years

Robert “Blanky” Blankenhorn and Family
Filmmaker: Diana Tacelosky
In this amazing film, Blanky and his daughter tell their story. Blanky is living with ALS. Their remarkable adjustment to his illness. Meanwhile he is spirited and reveals his charisma with a few well chosen jokes.

Marly Watson
Filmmakers: Matt Piotrowski and Matt Pavelic
In this profoundly moving film, Marly’s parents and physician articulately discuss her course including her brain tumor and subsequent chemotherapy and radiation — and the rare side effect she suffered from radiation known as Radiation Necrosis, which severely devastated Marly’s white matter.
Marly’s father eloquently and emotionally speaks about how he’s managed to keep functioning despite his heartbreak — including working while his wife takes care of Marly. All the medications are shown, as are her nighttime rituals. And more importantly — how the parents cope — dad day to day — and mom — through her belief that her daughter knew she was ready for heaven.

Matthew Gingerich
Filmmakers: Katie Cantore and Nick Sgrignoli

Click on the links below to view films made in previous years.

Infants and Children

Adolescents and Teens



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