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2014 Photography Winners

Prizes are awarded yearly to photographers and visual artists whose works are considered to be of exceptional artistic and humanistic merit. The photography judge was Wendy Palmer.

A resident of the Harrisburg area for the past 25 years, professional photographer Wendy Palmer is a native of Cape Town, South Africa. Here she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in physiotherapy, and a Medical Honors degree in sport science from the University of Cape Town.

In the United States, after the birth of their second son, Wendy completed an Associate Degree in photography at the Harrisburg Area Community College while continuing to work as a physical therapist.  Today she continues to enhance her photography skills and vision though workshops with Visionary Wild and Maine Media.

Her work was included in an exhibition for regional photographers at the Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg, and she also participated in the 31st Annual Art of the State exhibition at the State Museum, Harrisburg. As a student, her work was accepted by Photographer’s Forum for publication in the Best of College Photography Annual for the years 1993, 1994, 1996 and 1997.

Every facet of photography holds a fascination worth exploring. Life is a journey and so is her freelance photography, which continually evolves.


First Place
Rearview Wedding
©Michael Nakhla, MSI
Judge’s Comments:
The element of surprise, mystery and composition is what intrigues me about this image. First, the overall image is captivating. One is drawn into the image by the couple in the rearview mirror of a vintage car, the mirror being the brightest part of the image. One immediately feels a connection between the subjects, even though they are very small. The converging lines (dashboard and visor) further draw one’s eye in and around the image to the chauffeur–clean-cut, immaculate and refined in his dress and demeanor as he averts his gaze from the couple while grasping the slim steering wheel with his gloved hands. The right hand corner of the image is darkened and pushes one’s eye back onto the image, where one notices the burst of color of the yellow label on the key ring. This then draws one’s eye back onto the image, whereupon one notices the EZ Pass, which dates the photograph. One cannot leave the image without noting the size of the subjects…the couple being very small in the rearview mirror and the chauffeur taking up the right hand third of the image. Perhaps it is this antithesis that once again draws one to the couple in the mirror from the dark shape of the chauffeur along the line of the fork of the steering wheel and back to the mirror. Very well executed! 

Second Place
Two Faces of Travel
©Emily Funk, MSI

Judge’s Comments: 

This is a candid photograph that succinctly captures the overall feeling of happiness and playfulness of the person holding the York patty. I was immediately drawn to this image because of the joy and simple accomplishment of the patty holder grasping the patty in her mouth instead of with her hand. It is this element of surprise that makes this image alluring.

This image works because it is black and white, even though it is grainy, and the three points of interest hold my attention and move my eye around the image.


Third Place
Wild Assateague Ponies
©Susan Landis, CRNA   Retired from the Department of Anesthesiology

Judge’s Comments: 

A simple, elegant image of the three ponies perfectly placed and connected. The diagonal lines of the two outside ponies’ bodies and the inward sweep of the heads draw one’s eye up and inward towards the central pony. The gentle inward sweep on the outside ponies’ manes further pulls one’s eye centrally. The light on the manes and the contrasting light and dark of their lighter manes to their bodies is what makes this image. It is an image of connection, warmth and freedom as one is aware of the sea in the background, and we know that they are wild.





Honorable Mention
Dawn’s Light
©Rebecca Bishop
Spouse of Donald Bishop Jr., Stat Lab/Medical Laboratory

Judge’s Comments:
Light, beauty and peace are what come to mind as I look at this image. The moving grasses and the white diagonal fence draw one’s eye into the image. The brick texture of the building contrasts the smooth foreground grasses, and the diagonal fence recedes into the mist as do the background trees. Overall this is a very pleasing image.


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