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Submitting to Wild Onions

The theme for the 2017 edition of Wild Onions is: Happenstance/Serendipity

It is not always easy, leaving things up to chance. The lack of control over circumstance renders an uneasiness, a vulnerability that perhaps only the foolhardy can ignore. Retrospectively, the realization of the role chance played instills a sense of wonder at how differently the proverbial cards might have played out. The power of sheer happenstance trumps the most carefully laid plans. Others deny that coincidence even exists at all, that chance is nothing but a brilliant illusion, and that there never was a question of how things were going to end. Regardless, it’s fascinating to ponder what might have been, what could have happened if it hadn’t rained that day, if she’d left her cell phone on silent, if they never moved in next door.

DEADLINE for submissions is JANUARY 15 of each calendar year

 Below is the preferred method for submitting your poetry, prose, photography and artwork.






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