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2016 Art Winners

Prizes are awarded yearly to photographers and visual artists whose works are considered to be of exceptional artistic and humanistic merit. The visual art judge was Candace Walters, Ph.D.. Dr. Walters is an experimental figurative painter who has exhibited extensively throughout New England. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Hartford Art School and her Masters at Boston University. Recent accomplishments include exhibitions in “50 Years of Painting in Boston,” DeCorova Museum, Lincoln, MA; Visions and Revisions,” Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA; “Hearing Voices,” Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA and published in Collage for the Soul, Rockport Publishing Company. Candace currently teaches art classes, including Painting, Drawing, Portrait Workshop, and Landscape Painting, at Stonehill College in Easton, MA.

First Place
© Jonathan Frazier
Center Stage Performer and Standardized Patient for the Simulation Center
Judge’s Comments: There is a haunting quality to this painting and a strong sense of time and place. The lights are on in the building but no sign of life on the street. The strong use of perspective to draw the view in is also very effective. The intense color and light in this empty street scene also contributes to the painting’s mysterious presence.
Second Place
© Milaury Lopez
Daughter of Hector Lopez, M.D., Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
Judge’s Comments: This is a beautifully executed drawing. The intense expression and close-up point-of-view creates a powerful portrait. The drawings surface, texture and light effects are rich and full of life. Also the decision to show a small piece of the shirt and shoulder adds to the drawing’s compositional strength.
Third Place
© Diane Zinn   Food Services
Judge’s Comments: This painting has a wonderful sense of life and play. The artist moves the viewer through the painting by the use of directional strokes. These strokes also give the piece a wonderful surface and texture. The shapes tumble and morph into one another creating movement, like an ethereal dance. The warm and cool colors are rich and layered, creating a painting full of light and atmosphere.
Honorable Mention
Lake Perez
© Holly Boyle   MSIV
Judge’s Comments: This is a lovely landscape rich in color, light and atmosphere. The strong use of perspective takes the viewer through the piece from the foreground to a section of delightfully rendered trees and beyond into imaginary space. The different brush strokes also move the viewer around and through the painting in an active and “blustery” way.

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