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2015 Art Winners

Prizes are awarded yearly to photographers and visual artists whose works are considered to be of exceptional artistic and humanistic merit. The visual art judge was Susan Mackay. Susan Mackay was born in South Africa and lived in Johannesburg until she moved to Hershey, PA in 1989. She currently lives in Hershey with her husband, Donald.
Susan began her professional career working in strategic planning and advertising. After spending years working as an executive at J. Walter Thompson and the Saatchi Group, she founded her own marketing consulting company while raising three boys: Duncan, Andrew, and Calum.
She discovered a passion for art and figurative drawing after moving to the United States.
“In drawing for me, the allure has always been the human figure. It is a continual battle to represent that force of life which flows through us. That is the true beauty. Transcending form and color of face and limb. I search for that which gives us life, and exudes from us in its joyful, passionate, and tragic forms.”

13A Susquehanna Skies in Blue and Orange - Jonathan Frazier WEBFirst Place
Susquehanna Skies in Blue and Orange
© Jonathan Frazier
Center Stage Performer and Standardized Patient for the Simulation Center
Judge’s Comments: This artist has beautifully captured the stunning sunset reflected in the Susquehanna River. The composition with the sun as a focal point, offset to the left, helps to create dynamic tension and movement with the diagonal clouds. Their dramatic coloring is reflected in the equally colorful but calm scene of the river with its horizontal lines. Together this creates an interesting and absorbing scene.
17B - Nancy Burnt the Popcorn Again - Ryan Sommers WEBSecond Place
Nancy Burnt the Popcorn Again
© Ryan Sommers
Son of Darlene Sommers, Department of Neural and Behavioral Sciences
Judge’s Comments: This interesting composition challenges viewers to determine the artist’s intent based on the title. It could be that “burning the popcorn” indicates a life lived without focused attention on the present. The sombre mood created by the choice of blue and black, the focus on the skeletal figure, and the varied use of line and paint techniques has resulted in a perfect sense of chaos and lack of control.
3A - Holly Boyle - An Autumn DayThird Place
An Autumn Day
© Holly Boyle, MSIII
Judge’s Comments: This is a skilled depiction of a quiet, peaceful, cold autumn day. The composition with the diagonal line of trees pulls the viewer in. There the viewer finds a wonderful place to walk and appreciate the colors. The play of light on the trees, the shadows, and the wonderfully-composed tree trunks all create a peaceful, contemplative scene.
19B - Troubled Mind - Albert Sudol WEBHonorable Mention
Troubled Mind
© Albert Sudol
Son of Malgorzata Sudol, Department of Medicine
Judge’s Comments: Despite the use of complementary yellow and purple given to this painting, the artist has conveyed the deep desolation and angst of this figure: the arms wrapping the body, the static weight of the pose, the hand propping up the head that would surely collapse without it.  The light playing on the  white shirt, which is reminiscent of a straight jacket, highlights the depth of despair in the eyes. A Troubled Mind indeed.

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