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Joint Faculty


Research Area(s)

Lab Website

   Michael J Chorney, Ph.D. Basic Science: Complex disease genetics and genetic networking (i.e. the diseasome); understanding the intersection between iron and immunity
Education:  Contributing to the development of tomorrow’s scientists and promoting scientific literacy; leveling the professional scientific workplace as it relates to diversity; developing innovative methods for learning and retention
  Neil D Christensen, Ph.D. Christensen
  Zissis Chroneos, Ph.D. We study mechanisms of pulmonary innate host defense and inflammation and the role of innate immune receptors in respiratory physiology and host resistance to viral and bacterial pathogens in the lung Chroneos
  Susan Hafenstein, Ph.D. Structural studies of viruses and virus-host protein interactions Hafenstein
   Michael Katzman, M.D. After 25 years studying the biochemistry and molecular biology of retrovirus integrase enzymes, my efforts now focus on the utilization and stewardship of antimicrobial agents. Katzman
  Leslie Parent, M.D. Molecular mechanisms of retrovirus genomic RNA packaging and virus assembly Parent
  Jose Stoute, M.D. I study Plasmodium falciparum malaria. Currently, I have three areas of interest: 1) Pathogenesis, 2) Red cell invasion, and 3) development of new therapeutics Stoute
verderame Michael F. Verderame, Ph.D. Effective teaching methods for responsible conduct of research (RCR) education Verderame

Adjunct Faculty

 loughran Thomas Loughran, M.D. Director of the University of Virginia Cancer Center, F. Palmer Weber-Smithfield Foods Professor of Oncology Research and Professor of Medicine

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