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Past Neural & Behavioral Sciences Students


The Neural & Behavioral Sciences Department is very proud of our students that have worked in our laboratories,here is a listing of a few of our past students.

Have you been a part of the Neural & Behavioral Sciences Department?

Please email Cathy Hirschbock at:, let the department know your current status.



Amanda Troy

Kirsteen Browning Lab

Amanda will be an Assistant Professor at

Liberty University DO School

Thesis Defense: August, 2014



 Amanda Troy Pic

Kristina Pugh

Gregory Holmes lab

To: University of Maryland


 Kristina Pugh

Zachary Davis

R. Alberto Travagli lab



Daniel  Lapp

Colin Barnstable lab

Completed Thesis!!

Moved to MD Program at Hershey

Medical Center



 Lapp-Barnstable Lab

Allison Fries

R. Alberto Travagli Lab

 Ali Fries

Jennifer Nyland

Sue Grigson Lab



Rastafa Geddes

Sue Grigson Lab

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