Annual Research Recognition Awards

Each year, the Office of the Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies invites faculty and staff of the College of Medicine and the Penn State Hershey Medical Center to submit nominations for the Faculty Research Recognition Awards.

The 2016 award ceremony took place May 10, 2016, in the Junker Auditorium, following the Dean’s spring lecture. See the 2016 recipients here.

Started in 2014, the Faculty Research Recognition Awards honor the outstanding research achievements of Penn State Hershey investigators. The event highlights investigators who have distinguished themselves in several areas of research. The culmination of the event is the announcement of the Career Research Excellence Award, honoring an individual who has dedicated their career to enhancing the research mission through education, mentorship and collaborative efforts to further advance science.

Outstanding Research Publication

This award recognizes a groundbreaking research publication highlighting originality and impact that has contributed to the advancement of research.

Distinguished Early Stage Investigator

This award recognizes the work of an assistant professor within 5 years of appointment to Penn State, demonstrating significant growth and impact in one or more subject areas.

Outstanding Collaborative Research

This award recognizes the research efforts of a group of investigators that transcend the traditional boundaries of academic disciplines to further the research mission.

Outstanding Research Mentor

This award recognizes outstanding research mentoring. It is intended to be a cumulative award for consistently successful research mentoring that yields publications, funded training or research proposals and career advancement of pre-doctoral or postdoctoral trainees or junior faculty.

Excellence in Education Research

This award recognizes scholarly inquiry and investigation related to education, educational processes, and dissemination and practical application of research results.

Career Citation Milestone Award

This award recognizes a career citation milestone of 500 or more citations for a primary article where the recipient was first or last author. The nominee must be a current College of Medicine faculty member; however, the research need not have been completed at Penn State. Review and guideline articles are excluded.

Career Research Excellence Award

This award recognizes the outstanding achievements of an investigator who has dedicated his/her career to enhancing the research mission through education, mentorship and collaborative efforts to further advance science. Nominees are initiated by the Research Team.

Full Lists of Award Recipients