The Research Concierge Service (RCS) is a service of Research Development. We help investigators strengthen grant writing skills, form collaborative  teams, and develop complex research proposals. The website is dedicated to supporting investigators with funding advice, proposal writing strategies, and best practices. To request any of the following services, complete and submit a Consultation Request Form.

Proposal Development Services

We support the development of complex funding proposals (e.g. center grants, training grants, program project grants) that will be submitted to an external funding organization. Priority is given to projects with potential for broad institutional impact. 

  • Organize team meetings with the PI and key personnel to facilitate proposal development
  • Provide counsel on institutional commitment and institutional requirements
  • Develop project schedules to keep the team on track
  • Prepare the PI for discussions with funding sponsors
  • Draft non-technical components of the proposal (e.g. support letters, org charts)
  • Review and provide feedback on draft documents (e.g. biosketches)

Services are tailored to the specific needs of each project and the lead time available.

Services for the Individual Investigator

We work one-on-one with investigators seeking to strengthen their research portfolio. 

  • Identify and evaluate funding opportunities 
  • Provide guidance on long-term funding strategy
  • Help identify potential research mentors and collaborators
  • Provide access to grant writing and proposal development tools
  • Connect investigators with institutional resources
  • Critique proposal drafts and analyze reviewer feedback

Concept Development Services 

We work with individual investigators and established teams to develop a research idea.

  • Conduct brainstorming sessions to identify areas of shared research interest 
  • Obtain information on previously funded projects to assess sponsor funding priorities
  • Help to develop a concept paper to communicate with potential funding sponsors, collaborators, and supporters