No. PD/PIs should maintain a single eRA Commons account throughout their entire career. Why is this important? As a July 23, 2010, PIs can no longer enter publication information manually into their eRA Commons account. Users of eRA Commons are expected to create an NCBI account that uploads publication information from PubMed and to their NCBI account, which they must link to their eRA Commons account. Only those citations that appear in a user’s linked NCBI account will appear in the eRA Commons account. If you were to change institutions and create a new eRA Commons account, you would conceivably lose this publication history.

When you change institutions, it is important that your new institution affiliate with your eRA Commons account. The Office of Research Affairs (ORA) can affiliate the College of Medicine with your eRA Commons account ID. To request that your eRA Commons account be affiliated with the College of Medicine, contact Marybeth Brown at