The “Contributions to Science” section of the new NIH biosketch permits inclusion of a public URL link to a list of published work. If a URL link is provided, the NIH specifies that the link must be to a government website (.gov) like My Bibliography.

For NIH-funded investigators or for investigators who plan to submit research proposals to the NIH, the easiest way to approach creation of a public URL link is to create the biosketch using SciENcv (Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae). SciENcv is a feature of My NCBI  that helps create an NIH biosketch by extracting information from eRA Commons and PubMed. Linking your eRA Commons account with your My NCBI account allows SciENcv to pull your biographical information from eRA Commons (education, work experience, award history) to populate your biosketch. Once logged into your My NCBI account, you can select citations from PubMed that you want to add to your NIH biosketch. You can also manually add citations.

To obtain a public URL link to a specific citation collection in your My NCBI account, use the Settings/Sharing feature to change the collection setting from “private” to “public” and obtain the public URL that you can paste into your biosketch.