The Research Concierge Service (RCS) has compiled checklists, helpful tips, and templates that can be used as a project management tool and to ease the administrative burden of preparing your next grant proposal.

Concept Development

Concept Paper Template

Concept papers are the written equivalent of an “elevator speech.” These 1-2 page documents provide a concise project overview. Use them to communicate with potential funding sponsors, collaborators, and supporters. Click here to learn more about concept papers and best practices.

NIH Proposals

Cover Letter Template

The NIH encourages applicants to include cover letters with their applications. Cover letters are used by NIH referral staff and Scientific Review Officers (SROs) to appoint your application to a given study section for review. It is acceptable to use the cover letter to stipulate which study section you do (or do not) wish to review your application. In addition, if you do not wish certain individuals appointed to a given study section to review your application (for example, a competitor) the cover letter can name the individual and provide a brief justification.

Career Development Plan Template

As the “K” candidate, your training plan should demonstrate that you have undertaken a thorough self-assessment, which carefully considered your short- and long-term career goals. Through this self-assessment, you have identified specific areas in need of improvement that, if addressed, will help you transition to a successful R01 (or equivalent) submission and an independent research career.

Facilities and Other Resources Template

A well-written Facilities and Other Resources section of an NIH grant application should demonstrate to reviewers that the institution(s) involved in the proposed research has the right scientific environment to support a successful outcome. We prepared a template to guide you through the process of creating a strong Facilities and Other Resources section for your next NIH funding proposal.

Tips for Writing a Successful Mentored “K” Application

Suggestions for developing a competitive mentored “K” proposal for submission to the NIH.

Checklist  – NIH Mentored “K” Application

Based on the current SF424 application guide.

NSF Proposals

Collaborators and Other Affiliations

The NSF requires that all grant submissions include a biosketch for all individuals identified as senior personnel on a project. Senior personnel are also are required to develop a Collaborators and Other Affiliations document. The Collaborators and Other Affiliations document is Single Copy Document, which is NSF-speak for documents that are used for internal purposes only. The NSF does not share this information with reviewers. The information is used by program directors to identify potential conflicts or bias in reviewer selection.